Fiona Hosford – Sound and Video Samples

Relax and listen to some example’s of Fiona’s playing. It’s not all Greensleeves!

Fiona is more than happy for musical requests form clients and the most recent have been The A-Team, Match of the Day, Metallica, Guns and Roses, James Bond, Star Trek, Lily Allen, Dido, Take That and many others!

Due to copyright and licensing, only certain pieces can be played on this page

If you require a full playlist, please contact Fiona and she’ll be happy to send you one.There is also a ‘Suggested Ceremony Music List’ that is available, which can help couples on deciding where to start when picking their Ceremony Music for their special day – Music’s great but it’s like chocolate…..lots of it, it’s all great and sometimes you don’t know where to start!

Fiona Playing Her Harp

Fiona also studied the piano and violin and singing, she settled on the Harp at 6 years old, and although it became apparant that the other instruments were secondary to her interest in the Harp.

She has gained extensive experience performing throughout the UK and abroad. With her varied repertoire she has delighted a wide range of clients with her soothing and uplifting music and her statuesque gold harp has added an air of refinement and relaxation.

Often described as the most friendly, ‘normal’ Harpist about, with a strong sense of humour and a sypmathetic musical ear, Fiona ensures that your musical tastes are adheared to and is flexible and thoughtful in her approach.

Her professionalism is evident throughout her attitude to playing and providing a first class service for each occasion.

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How Did You Hear About Me?


I should like you to know how much we appreciated your playing on Saturday at The Chalk Farm Hotel. We were lucky to be at the table nearest to you and my wife and I – and, indeed, the other diners at our table, enjoyed the music hugely. The fact that we were talking a lot does not in the slightest mean that we were unaware of the music, but you went before one could properly thank you. It must be odd to be seemingly ignored when you are playing so beautifully. Rest assured, there were many…
Stuart and Monika
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